Top 4 Wichita Toy Stores for Kids to Explore!

As a Wichita children’s photographer and a mom, I know just how important it is to keep the kids happy, and maybe even a little distracted to get that perfect photo! Sometimes the perfect toy or game can be hard to come by. Perhaps your child is really into puzzles or dolls, or maybe they are into science and lab experiments. Luckily for you, I have researched and found the most highly-rated Wichita toy stores to keep those creative minds moving! 

Little girl in a Bo Peep inspired blue and pink romper and cape standing next to her sheep - Wichita Toy Stores

The Top 4 Wichita Toy Stores

Imagine That Toys

Shopping for toys has never been than at a family-owned and operated store! With over twenty-four different categories of toys, you can shop based on whatever kind of toy you are looking for! Not sure exactly what to buy? You can also shop by age category. Shop popular brands including, but not limited to, LEGO, ACD Toys, Elenco, Discover With Dr. Cool, and so many more! If you would rather shop in-store, Imagine That Toys is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on Sundays. 

Wings Of The Wind Kites & Toys

If you happen to be looking for toys that require more time outdoors than indoors, this toy store may be the one for you. Wings of the Wind Kites & Toys offers a vast selection of colorful kites, toys, and wind-related garden décor. The kites range from simple, entry-level kites to larger and more advanced ones. If kites aren’t your style, Wings of the Wind offers other outdoor fun, including flying disks, light-up stomp rockets, boomerangs, and more! Besides providing kids with unique outdoor toys, this shop also aims to involve the entire family. Unlocking your inner child and being able to play outdoors with your kids is only something that can be accomplished through appealing to your lighter side with Wings of the Wind! 

Hero Haven Toys, Comics, And Collectibles

If you have a little “geek” on your hands, this store is the perfect match! Hero Haven Toys, Comics, and Collectibles buys, sells, and trades comics, collectibles, Funko Pops, and more! This store has comic books of every kind and for readers of every age and genre! Hero Haven also provides action figures, stuffed animals, and collectibles! Remember that some items are either one-of-a-kind or very limited, so if you see something you like, it is better to snag it while you can!

Go! Games & Toys

As an entrepreneurial business, Go! Games & Toys is the largest operator of pop-ups in the world! Go! Games & Toys owns stores in malls, outlets, streetside locations, and airports. If you are not looking to shop in-store, the online catalog at Go! is massive. From toys to books and even puzzles, there isn’t anything you won’t be able to find at this store. If you aren’t looking for something super specific, you can search the website on various categories ranging from cat games to history buff games! This shop also offers many discounts. If you shop now, you can also score free shipping on your order! 

Princess and the frog inspired scene with a girl in a yellow and green dress holding a frog

Wichita Toy Stores

Having fun with the family is always a priority. Shop ‘till you drop for fun toys and games at some of the best Wichita Toy Stores in the area! If your kids have a big imagination or love princesses, I have another super fun idea to keep them entertained! Check out my Royal Princess Experience and Imagination portfolio, and let’s start a conversation!

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