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Every community is centered around similar institutions: the town hall, the fire department, the DMV, etc. Yet, one of the most essential and nourishing to the citizens of the community itself is overlooked regularly: the public library. It’s easy to assume that any good public library only provides the primary essential service of lending books. However, anyone who has been to the Wichita Public Library recently will recognize how able and willing they are to adapt to a modern age of entertainment and engagement while meeting the needs of an ever-expanding community. 

If you have yet to visit a branch of the Wichita Public Library, prepare to discover a unique learning experience for you and your children.

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About the Wichita Public Library

Wichita Public Library has branches strategically placed around various parts of Wichita, Kansas. The first branch was established in 1876 and has since expanded into five. This library has won multiple awards for its outstanding community service and dedication to promoting education in the surrounding area. 

The Wichita Public Library regularly promotes mental health awareness. They’ve hosted reflection sessions for those struggling with loss from a local tragedy and traumatic events. These sessions are designed to promote spiritual and emotional healing through community. In addition, the Wichita Public Library partners with several non-profit organizations to reach out to the community. They offer help to those in desperate need of service.


Regarding education, the Wichita Public Library understands that the priorities are children of the community. Therefore, they host various events designed to inspire kids to learn, engage with their community, make new friends, and ultimately have fun. One of their biggest hits is their Teen Parties. These can range from hosted sessions of board games to video game sessions with free access to various consoles. In addition, they offer your classic Preschool Storytime sessions! This is where kids develop literacy skills while getting a chance to play, dance, and sing in a large group setting. 

Finally, for kids between the ages of 3 and 8, you’ll find Family Adventure Time a wholesome way to spend your late morning. This event is designed to engage children in combining arts and crafts and learning in a safe environment. They even book guests specialized in various cultures across the globe! They are delighted to teach your kids about their home, customs, languages, and food. You’ll truly find something for children of all ages.


Regardless of age, anyone can dedicate their time to learning new skills or improving upon those they already have. The Wichita Public Library offers a variety of classes that cover skills related to hobbies, business, or life skills. For example, they’ve hosted software courses on software like Excel and PowerPoint, which is great for school-aged children and adults. In addition, you’ll find classes that teach subjects ranging from science, mathematics, engineering, and language to history, technology, and culture. 

Wichita Public Library

With so much life-changing and nourishing work at the Wichita Public Library, it’s easy to see why it’s worth offering your support. If interested, you’ll find ways to help on their website through the “Get Involved” tab. They provide a safe and welcoming environment that promotes learning for all and will always be there to help.

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