Wichita Movie Theaters | 3 Unique Experiences for Your Entire Family!

Going to the movies is always a family favorite, whether on a Tuesday morning or a Saturday night. There is so much to see with so many new films hitting the theaters. In addition to all the new stuff making its way into theaters everywhere, most theaters also host special viewings of older movies from years past so that you can see your favorites on the big screen again! As a Wichita children’s fantasy photographer, I love getting lost in the world of movies. So, check out some of these incredible Wichita movie theaters for endless fun. 

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Three Wichita Movie Theaters to Visit With Your Family

Starlight Drive-In

Those of us who remember drive-in movies are in for a real treat. Wichita is home to one of the very few drive-in movie theaters left in the country. So, in addition to reliving your childhood, you can also take this as an opportunity to reignite the same love for drive-ins with your family. 

While no speakers are provided at the drive-in, all of the sounds for the movie can be accessed through your FM radio. So catch some of your favorite movies playing on the big screen again, or head out to see a brand new film to enjoy from the comfort of your car. Bring along some pillows and blankets, and take advantage of the concession stand, which offers hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, popcorn, Pepsi fountain drinks, and more. Tickets start at $9 for 12 and older, $4 for kids between 3 and 11, and anyone under the age of 2 is free! They are open seven days per week, and you can find showtimes on the homepage of their website.

Location: 3900 S Hydraulic Ave Wichita, KS 67216

Regal Warren East

Another great Wichita movie theater is the Regal Warren East theater. This location is a retro-style multiplex chain that shows newly released movies. One of the things that I love about this theater is the recliner seats. Adjustable to your preferences, you can maneuver your seat and make it as comfortable as you would at home so you can enjoy your movie in the best way possible. 

This theater is a really popular one if you have young ones. The 3D movies offer stadium seating and are a crowd-pleaser for enjoying some of your favorites. If you have an appetite, you can stop at the concession counter for popcorn, nachos, candy, drinks, and more. In addition, there is a separate area for adults 21 and older so you can escape the crowds of kids if you’re trying to enjoy a date night or quieter evening.

Location: 11611 East 13th St. Wichita, KS 67206

AMC Northrock 14

The AMC Northrock 14 offers one of the newer Dolby Cinema experiences. If you and your family are avid moviegoers looking for a more enhanced experience, you should visit this theater. You can enjoy your movie from the comfort of a reserved seat that reclines for your preferences. This experience is unlike your average movie viewing with powerful images and new sound technologies. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of theater rentals for birthday parties, corporate events, special occasions, or an everyday getaway. Finally, if you want to snack on something while you watch your movie, check out the concessions stand for popcorn, candy, soda, cocktails, and more. 

Location: 3151 N Penstemon St, Wichita, KS 67226

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Wichita Movie Theaters

Sit back and relax while you get transported into a world far beyond your own. In the movies, you and your family can escape the real world and be engulfed in unique and fun experiences. Check out one of these great Wichita movie theaters in the area!

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